The root of the word Yoga, yuj, shares it’s origin with the words yujir meaning “to yoke” or “unite” and yuj samādhau (samadhi) meaning “to concentrate”.

• From the devotional view, of the sanskrit epics, Yoga means to “unite with the *divine”

(*or ultimate)

• From the ultimate view, of the yoga Sūtras, Shashtras and Tantras, Yoga means “concentration on the nature of mind”

• In the comprehensive view of Bodhisatva Yogacara, the goal of Yoga is “To unite with the divine through concentration on the nature of mind”

The goal of Yoga is not achieved through it’s religious or cultural embellishments but through the multitude of Yoga practices themselves. Therefore Yoga practice is open to everyone regardless of religious persuasion.

John Cooke